Childhood is a very special time.

But there is something even more magnificent, growing up.

Seeing the world through the eyes of our children is wonderful adventure and at the same time is a great responsibility. Because as adults we teach, protect, guide and create a unique world for our children to forge their personality.

Bomboncito Kids was born to make this experience even more unique and different. We design a new textile concept for children. With a combination of our own prints and bold color proposals. Children's fashion from versatile, fresh and daring designs, but always respecting an idea, a fundamental vision - that children dress as children and they have right to discover the world, comfortable and free. With no stereotypes or labels.

The passion for design and innovation have led us to create a style where the little ones identify themselves and make life easier for us, adults. The energy, the curiosity, the frenetic rhythm of the day to day and those small disasters and daily misses must not be a problem. Because, you know what? Thanks to the incorporation of water-repellent fabrics ... stains are no longer a problem to us.

Bomboncito Kids is a brand with a personal aesthetic and an "off-road" philosophy. Where there are no limits.

With creativity and that crazy common sense that only the little ones have, Bomboncito Kids is not something that’s only worn, it’s a philosophy that is lived one, and a thousand times...

In our hands is to allow them to be unique and discover their own world.