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All fabrics used in our garments are 100% cotton. To avoid stains, fabrics are treated to avoid the absorption of liquids.
Water-repellent fabrics manage to repel liquids, thus preventing stains. Depending on the composition of the element that comes into contact with the garment, especially if the element in question contains grease, stains can be generated on the water-repellent fabrics. It’s very possible that these stains can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
Of course. Like a conventional garment, and especially because the interior is in contact with the skin, water-repellent garments also get dirty and must be washed.
A water repellent garment is washed the same as a conventional garment. It can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. The washing temperature can affect the properties of the garment, reducing its ability to repel liquids. Check the washing and ironing recommendations on the garment labels.
No. Water-repellent fabrics are treated exactly like other conventional garments. If you have any doubts, consult the washing and ironing recommendations on the garment labels.
Of course, the ironing process doesn’t affect the quality of the garment, in any case, we recommend that you consult the washing and ironing recommendations on the garment labels.
Bomboncito kids garments are made mainly of cotton and treated to be water repellent. The treatment that provides the hydrophobic properties is totally harmless to health. In addition, all Bomboncito Kids garments are approved by the 100 Standard system by OEKO-TEX, which certifies that garments meet all environmental requirements and validate their human use.
Yes. Of course. By default, all taxes reflected in the online store correspond to VAT charged on the peninsula, but purchases made from the Canary Islands will only be affected by the IGIC.
Yes. Purchases made in or from the Canary Islands won’t be affected by VAT, but by IGIC.
All our garments are designed without prejudices. That’s why we don’t relate boys or girls with colors or prints. We believe in the need to develop children without labels and with free minds. That’s why most of our garments from the Bomboncito Kids collections can be worn by boys or girls interchangeably.
No. Most of our garments are 100% waterproof, however, there are some garments, especially those that integrate Dotted Swiss fabrics, which may not be water repellent or at least 100% water repellent.
The prices reflected on the website don’t include taxes or shipping costs.